Thermal Spa in Edipsos

The Spa in Edipsos…

Nowdays in Edipso there are many modern and not very excpensive

Now in the Evia there are many modern and accessible facilities and Spa.

Take advantage of the unique richness of the subsoil area.

Tone and give yourself the gift of relaxation and wellness.

Hot springs:
The use of the baths began in 1887.

The area has more than 60 important sources of water supply temperature from 34 to 71.2 degrees Celsius.

The sulfur baths of Edipsos are among the most
thermal baths in Europe. The origins of this hot water
due to the great rift of northern Evia. ‘Thus we see the sulphurous water to gush into the sea from above and along the coast.

The oldest myth what the spa is only for older people with problems, has now refuted. Studies in the amount of years we see that the beneficial use of resources from the age of 15 as a prevention, strengthening and relaxation.

The help of a hot bath, it is important to athletes after rehabilitation from injuries and in treating anxiety

simerinoutropou life.


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